Most frequent questions and answers

It is the official website of Deutsche Versicherungen, a company that is managed and handled by the same name. This website was initially started in 2012 as a way for the company to reach out to new audiences and show how important it is to apply for health insurance and get one for yourself and for your loving family.

We offer customized insurance depending on your needs. We do not just give a single structure of say, health insurance, or private insurance, for everyone. Every insurance that we provide is tailor-made for the client. Your insurance is the type of insurance that you need at this very moment.

The short answer is, yes. Everyone needs insurance. But not everyone needs the same insurance. This is why we cannot say to you that what you have to get is our health insurance or liability insurance. Let us talk to you so that we can assess what you are looking for in this state of your life.

No, it is not. You can actually save money with comparison on our websites to see that what you spend is definitely small compared to the risk of critical illness or even worse, death. You do not want to be a burden for the people that you love. Help them save as you invest in insurance that you need.

First, you can go to our Contact page and ask any questions that are on your mind. You can ask us about health insurance, life insurance, retirement insurance, variable funds, and the services that we can provide for you. Be sure to completely fill out our form. Write your name, contact number, your email, and other personal information requested. This is to ensure that we can get back to you as soon as we can.

We will then set an appointment with you so that every aspect of the insurance is clear to you. We can pick the right insurance that is customized based on your needs. We will have you fill out a form to be submitted to our head office.

It depends on the kind of insurance that you get. You would have to read the Terms and Conditions provided for you to see the percent of increase per year for your type of insurance.